Frequently Unasked Questions


Has a dog Buddha-nature or not?


What do you exactly do?

We create multidisciplinary art projects.  We’re mostly focused on interactivity for performing arts and audio-visual music instruments.  But we like all crazy ideas that involve technology and art.

I need an interactive installation.  Would you do it?


Will you come here to show us what you do?

Sure we will.

Do I have to pay you to come here to show us what you do?


Why wú?

I’ve been thinking about us being so stuck choosing a name.

mmm… we’re so mentally blocked that no matter what name is proposed, the one and only possible answer to the question “Master, is the name that Roger proposes appropriate?” is:


A monk asked Zhaozhou Congshen, a Chinese Zen master, “Has a dog Buddha-nature or not?” Zhaozhou answered, “Wú”.

Zhaozhou’s answer takes that kind of categorical thought as being a delusion.  In other words, both “yes” and “no” are correct and incorrect.

So, our name can only be .

D’on ve el nom?

He estat reflexionant sobre això del nom, que ens te tan bloquejats.

mmmm…i crec que arribats a aquest punt de bloqueig mental, sigui quin sigui el nom que es proposi, la única resposta possible a la pregunta “maestro, aquest nom que proposa el Roger és l’ adequat?” és:


Un monje preguntó a Zhaozhou, un maestro zen chino  “¿Tiene un perro la naturaleza de Buda o no?”, Zhaozhou respondió: “wú”
….algo així com: “desfés la pregunta” (un-ask the qüestion)
La respuesta de Zhaozhou se interpreta como que esa clase de pensamiento categórico es un delirio. En otras palabras, tanto «sí» como «no» son a la vez correctas e incorrectas.
Total, ja només podem dir-nos .