Teatrillu 2.0 dev meeting II


Don’t need to have the full list of instances available in the UI — could be useful for debugging or “emergency kill” of a lost object, but best if we can allow selection directly in the viewer (in the case where we want to kill “bola 3”, for example)

Select a “preset”, then create instances, delete all of that type, etc.  Similar to the workflow we have now.

Skins or different UI versions for users “basic” and “pro”.

Morph currently changes all objects to the “current” type, unless you use rectangle selection.  Should use a selection list, so you can click or rectangle-select instances, then do things like delete them, or morph them.

Be able to scroll and zoom out “internal” (private) viewer independently, leaving the “public” one alone.  So you can go find objects, change things, etc, outside the currently viewed area.

Drag-n-drop objects, be able to select, but also to drag to move them in “god mode”.

As with current UI, different object types have different buttons available, like “Play” for movie/animation types, or Save/Load/Clear for stopmotion type.



Separate the UI into another application, communicating via OSC (Roger, Qt)

Allow external cameras or image sources to be used



JPEG-Turbo library (http://www.libjpeg-turbo.org)

Allow remote Kinect (important!), especially for flakiness and performance reasons


App Structure

Principal properties that various bitxos share in common:

Skin / image (image,  movie, camera input, etc)

Box2d (algunos) — a) weight, b) outline (gets destroyed and redrawn, in the case of a hand-blob, for example)

Kinect skeleton (or XML animation)